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How to Avoid Getting Scammed at a New Online Casino in 2024

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More and more people are shifting toward online casinos for the convenience it offers. Therefore, a new online casino is popping up on the internet almost every other day. These casinos offer some of the most tempting and attractive rewards to new users that join them.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed at a New Online Casino in 2024

While all those unique bonuses might seem great, and you might want to try out a new online casino, you should be aware that there are many scam casinos. The worst part is that new casinos are the ones that mostly scam people. To help you with that, here is our complete guide on how to avoid getting scammed at a new online casino. 

Why you Need to be Extra Careful at New Online Casinos

Usually, online casinos that have been providing their services for a long time don't pose a potential risk of scams. If an online casino is scamming people, it will get reported within a few months, and the community will stop using that casino. The casino will have to shut down its operation and launch a new site.

On the other hand, a new online casino poses much more of a risk of scams. If the new casino is actually a scam casino, reports of that casino being a scam won't start to surface for at least several months. 

However, this doesn't mean there aren’t some great new online casinos. All you have to do is use some basic precautionary techniques. If you are careful, you will avoid all kinds of scams, even at new online casinos.

Potential Scams at New Online Casinos

The problem with casino scams these days is that they are experts at presenting themselves as trusted and legitimate platforms. A scam casino will try everything and use every technique in the book to trick users into falling in for their traps. 

With that said, if you know how a scam casino might scam you, you are much more likely to be aware of the red flags than if you didn't know anything about how scam sites operate. To help you with precisely that, here are all the most common types of scams that can happen to you at new online casinos. 

Excessively Long Withdrawal Times

The first and probably the most common way that an online casino scams its users is with excessively long withdrawal times. The primary goal of a scam casino is to extract as much money from you as possible. Even if they make you think that you are winning at the casino games, it won't matter if they don't give you your winnings. 

To keep as much money from users as possible, new scam casinos will have them deal with unnecessarily long wait times before processing their withdrawals. A casino might also present you with offers, so you can use that withdrawal money for playing more games instead of withdrawing it. The main goal is to delay it as much as possible so you either forget about it or use it to play other games at the casino. 

Information Theft

Another way a scam casino might scam you is by stealing your information. While this is not that common because almost everyone uses encryption protocols these days, it is still a potential threat you should be aware of. 

When you sign up for a new online casino, the platform will likely ask you to enter sensitive information like your banking details for making deposits. The casino will also ask you to create a password. You don't want that information to end up in the wrong hands. 

Scammers can use the banking information you enter to steal money from you. They can use the password you create to figure out the passwords of your other sensitive accounts like your email. 

Unfair Games

One of the most common scams new online casinos engage in is using unfair or rigged games on their websites. The thing is, casino games at online casinos don't use a traditional mechanical system to generate results. Instead, they use casino game software. The problem with software is that it can easily get rigged to make users lose all the time. 

The worst part is that if a user is unaware of this type of scam, they won't be able to detect it. Legitimate casino games are set to let users win at least once for every hundred or thousand tries. However, most players don't play a casino game for that long, which means they won't know if they are getting scammed. 

Find out What Licensing the New Casino has Acquired

One of the main red flags that suggest potential scams at a new casino site is no proper licensing. Several regulatory bodies ensure a safe and scam-free gambling space for people. These regulatory bodies provide licenses to legitimate online casinos that don't engage in illicit activities. 

Some of the most popular regulatory bodies include the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. To ensure you don't get scammed at a new online casino, open their website and scroll down to figure out what licenses they have acquired. If they are licensed by some of the top regulatory authorities in the online gambling industry, you have nothing to worry about and can safely play casino games. 

Make Sure that the Casino has Proper Encryption Protocols

As we have mentioned above, one way that new casinos scam people is by stealing their information. Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way you can avoid that. Scam casinos can only steal your information if they can see it. They won't be able to see it or at least make any sense of it if it is encrypted. The great part is that encryption protocols are not that hard to acquire and are even easier to detect. 

To ensure that a new online casino has proper encryption protocols, all you have to do is look at its URL in the search bar. If you can see an icon of a tiny lock and the term "https://" written before the URL, it means the site is perfectly encrypted, and you don't have to worry about your information getting stolen. 

Take a Look at the Deposit and Withdrawal Options

One of the most common ways new casinos scam people is by having them wait a long time before processing their withdrawals. If you don't want to end up with an issue like that, it is better to go through all the deposit and withdrawal options available at the new casinos. 

When you go through the deposit options, look for anything that seems shady. One important factor you should keep your eyes peeled for is the average processing times for all the options. If the processing times are as low as just a few days or hours, it means things are relatively fine. If processing times aren't displayed, it may be a red flag. 

Use New Casinos that have Provably Fair Games

To ensure users that casino games are not involved in rigging, new casinos use a provably fair system for all the games available on their sites. They use software that generates random outcomes depending on the ones you give it. The output of that software is one hundred percent random, which is why it is called a random number generator. 

Fortunately for users, most online casinos will provide a feature that users can use to ensure that the games use a random number generator. It is called a provably fair system. For this reason, if you want to use a new online casino, you should always double-check whether they are using a random number generator or a provably fair system. 

Check if the New Casino is Changing the Terms & Conditions too Often

When you sign up for a new online casino, make sure that you allow them to send you email notifications about the changes they have made to their terms and conditions. While it may seem a bit distracting to see emails from the casino, you mustn't send them to the spam folder because you must know about the changes they are making to their terms and conditions. 

When a new online casino changes its terms and conditions way too often, it is probably because they are trying to hide something, like scams. If you notice that a casino is changing its terms and conditions every other week, read them carefully and look for any red flags.

Check out Expert Review Sites

While the methods mentioned above will help you a lot in avoiding scams at a new online casino, they require a ton of time to implement them. You can easily spend several hours looking at licensing information, encryption protocols, terms & conditions, and deposit and withdrawal options. Not a lot of people have that kind of free time. 

That's not even the worst part. The worst part is that scam casinos can use various techniques to mask the scams they are conducting. For example, they might say that they will process all withdrawals within 24 hours, but don't do that when you try withdrawing your winnings. 

Fortunately, there is another option you can use that will save a ton of time. To check out all the details, including licensing information, withdrawal options, and more, in one place, check out expert reviews for new casinos at 

At NewCasinoRank, we have reviewed some of the top new casinos on the internet according to an in-depth review method that takes several important factors into account, like the withdrawal times they offer and the licensing they have acquired. Once you check out an expert review at NewCasinoRank, you will have a clear understanding of whether a new casino is a scam.


To avoid scams at a new casino, start by looking at the licenses it has acquired. After that, check out encryption protocols and ensure that the site uses a random number generator for the casino games. You should also look at withdrawal times and ensure they aren't long.

If all that sounds too much of a hassle, you can check out our reviews for some of the top new casinos. Reviews at NewCasinoRank include all the information about a new casino in one place, so you don't have to keep looking on the internet to find it.

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