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December 13, 2021

These Are 4 Tips & Hacks For Managing Virtual Betting

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Virtual betting has become an immensely popular gambling route since the digitised revolution of online gaming.

These Are 4 Tips & Hacks For Managing Virtual Betting

The following four hacks provide advice on how to be more successful with virtual betting. You can use these tips to boost your winnings, or at the very least avoid losing too much. A bit of an asymmetric bet.

The Monte Carlo… Random Number Generator

Regular sports involve real teams and athletes competing against each other. One side is usually favored over the other, which always shows in the odds.

Virtual sports betting emulates this randomness through a random number generator. The traditional metrics of competition are not at play here.

Of course, these random results normally give the favored team/athlete a victory. But just like with real sports, the underdog can win.

The difference here, though, is that real players don’t determine if the favorite or underdog wins. A computer algorithm performs these duties.

There Are Patterns To Be Found In Virtual Betting

The lines between randomness and patterns are muddy.

Haralabos Voulgaris figured out how to beat NBA halftime totals in the early 2000s. Voulgaris noticed that sportsbooks set the totals roughly equal for both the first and second halves.

The same patterns aren’t typically possible with virtual sports betting. After all, software providers set their odds and RNGs to produce random results.

Perhaps a software developer could mess up their programming, thus leading to predictable patterns. Such a scenario is unlikely, though, considering that these developers’ products go through stringent third-party testing.

Emotional Variability Is Not Applicable To Virtual Gaming

Algorithms don’t feel emotions.

The digital players running around the field or court don’t have emotions. They won’t get distressed when losing or feel euphoria when winning.

Of course, you can still use strategy when going over odds and stats for a virtual game. You won’t be able to pick winners, however, by considering the emotional aspect.

Virtual Sports Are Similar To Online Gaming

Online casinos also use random number generators to determine their results.

Much like virtual sports betting, these RNGs reflect what would happen in real life. European Roulette’s single number bet has 36:1 odds of winning. Therefore, an algorithm will produce results that, over time, lead to 36:1 odds of winning.

Likewise, slot machines operate on fixed odds and RNGs. They deliver random results that, over the long haul, become similar to their programmed odds.

There is more fixed than random to the virtual and online world.


Virtual sports gambling isn’t exactly like traditional betting when it comes to strategy. Emotions and real life variability does not exist.

Nevertheless, you can improve your winning percentage by implementing the tips presented above.

Of course, all of the tips covered above are important in their own right. You might refer back to this post whenever looking for additional ways to improve your virtual betting bottom line.

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